Starting Pre-School

Parents are the primary educators of young children and our Pre-School works in partnership with parents at all times to ensure that the child is fully supported.

We operate an open-door policy, so before your child starts Pre-School you will have the opportunity to and visit us and meet the Pre-School team, where we can answer any questions that you may have.

We aim to make the setting a welcoming place, where children settle in quickly and easily. Consideration is given to the individual needs and circumstances of children and their families to ensure this. During the settling-in period, you may stay with your child in the setting for as long as you feel necessary, as it is important to us that all children and families feel comfortable and are happy about coming to Pre-School.

We appreciate that it can be very distressing for parents to leave their child, but the longer the separation lasts the harder it becomes for the child. For this reason, we encourage parents to bring their child for 2 hours in their chosen session in the first week, which allows your child to get to know the Practitioners and other children without the pressure of attending a full session. We ask that you ensure that you reassure your child that you will be back shortly, as this helps your child to understand that although you are leaving them, you will be back soon.

It is important for the parents and Pre-School staff to work together to help the child to feel confident and secure in the group. This takes longer for some children than for others and parents should not feel worried if their child takes a while to settle.

Collecting Your Child

Children must be brought into Pre-School and collected by a responsible adult (over the age of 16 years old). If someone else will be collecting your child, please inform a member of staff as soon as possible as we will challenge an adult if we have not been notified and will request direct confirmation from you before we allow the child to leave with them.

In the unlikely event that a child is not collected by an authorised adult, we will attempt to contact you before following the appropriate procedures and policy.

Attendance & Illness

Please do not bring your child to the Pre-School if you suspect that they are suffering for an infectious illness or if they have a high temperature. Children who are suffering from diarrhoea and/or sickness must be clear of the symptoms for at least 48 hours before returning to the Pre-School. This is to prevent the spread of the infection to other children.

If your child will not be attending Pre-School, either due to illness or another reason, please notify a member of staff as soon as possible, either by telephone (01472 311665) or by text message (07752 590579).

If your child is absent, the full amount is still required to be paid; this is because your child has an allocated session. Any exceptions are at the Manager’s discretion.

What to Wear

Children are involved in various activities during sessions so we ask that you dress your child in appropriate clothing which can easily be washed and/or is not new, avoiding items such as dungarees, long dresses, tight clothing and belts, etc. Clothes which are easily put on and taken off allow children to go to the toilet easily and successfully. Please dress your child according to the weather: in the summer they require a hat and sun cream, and in the winter they will require warm clothes and a coat for outside activity.

Pre-School sweatshirts and t-shirts are on sale – please ask a member of staff for more information.

Practical Points

Please do not bring your child in flip flops or jelly shoes, as they are dangerous when on physical equipment and when walking long distances.

Please do not send your child to Pre-School with sweets, toys or money.

Please consider marking your child’s name into items of clothing such coats, jackets, cardigans and sweatshirts so that missing and/or stray items can easily be identified and returned.

School Bags

A school bag is available to purchase for £7.00. These can be used for drinks, spare clothes, school work and lunch boxes.

Each week your child will have the opportunity to borrow a book of their choosing from our Lending Library. This comes at no extra charge to you and is an opportunity to for you and your child to explore books together and find the joy that books can bring.